Chapter Four: Web Free

Decentralization claim can only be made when the whole system is decentralized and, therefore, should be judged by its “weakest”, read “most centralized” link. For instance, there is simply no point in creating a maximum decentralization on a consensus layer and then passing all transactions through one server.

Ever OS is built around the concept of the End-to-End Decentralization Framework (E2ED for short) which also goes by the name “Web Free” as opposed to “Web 3”.

The reason we disagree with Web 3 is more or less the same as we disagree with the multi-layer approach. What is correct for the critique of a multi-layers blockchains is even more so for a specific Layer such as Web 3. To add the current Web into a blockchain is akin to adding a rotten apple to the barrel. As we already discussed above the current web should be displaced by an entirely new technology to be brought back to the user. This technology we call “Web Free”.

Notable Web Free components of Ever OS are: smart contracts and tools for their development, testing and security; Distributed Programming Paradigm, DeBots, Pipes, code handling, compatibility, bootstrapping and upgradability. They will be discussed in this chapter.

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